Economics of DC/OS Starter Cluster on AWS

… (with some tweaks and rants)


DC/OS AWS CloudFormation Options

Master Agent Hourly Cost ($) Daily ($)
1 5 + 1 $1.862 (= 0.266*7) ~ $45
3 5 + 1 $2.394 (= 0.266*9) ~ $57.50

That’s about a COFFEE every hour. Not bad if you need it for few hours only (or PoC is funded by company).

A word of caution here – make sure that you completely destroy the stack using CloudFormation console. Your EC2 instances will come back to life if you simply kill them from “EC2 Dashboard”. One of my friend got over $800 invoice because he didn’t understand this awesome feature of CloudFormation.

So what to do if you are on a tighter budget (like self-funded learning adventure) and want to explore DC/OS?

How do I get DC/OS on AWS for cheap?

Option EC2 Hourly ($) Daily ($) Spot
Single m3.xlarge $0.266 ~ $6.38 ~$1.00
Mini m3.large + m3.xlarge $0.379 ~ $9.09 ~$1.40

FYI: SPOT gets 85-90% savings.

My suggestion would be Mini Install which is good enough for trying out simple utility & microservices use-cases or go for {1 master +5 agents} for big-data analytics use-case.